How many Art Directors does it take to change a light bulb?

Does it have to be a light bulb? 'because I've had this other idea...

Design at its heart is problem solving; applying an understanding of human behaviour to develop creative concepts that work.

From a beginning at art school and then architecture school, Klyf took a detour into graphic design and is happier for it. He has fine-tuned a deep understanding across a broad range of sectors and audiences. Applying expertise and true design discipline across every platform. He is passionate, thorough and works to answer, in every sense, the specific client brief. Along the journey he has collected many years experience in creative direction, illustration, publishing, 2D print design, web design and 3D live event environments.

He enjoys a collaborative approach in working with his clients, and agencies. The design process is a collective journey, from refining the brief and its requirements, through to delivering beautiful creative work that meets the client's purpose perfectly.