Stand & Expo

Small, Medium , Large. Pop ups, Expo Stands Displays.  

Amgen Prolia Exhibition Stand

Pharmaceutical stand with marketplace vibe. The space had to be free, vibrant and using recycled materials. 

Mars pop-up stand

Mini competition stand based on spot the ball and penalty shootout.

My Showcase

Expo and demo space for 'My Showcase'. Central presentation hub with satelite demo booths and exhibition spaces.

Amgen Prolia

Central island booth with smoothie bar, VR experience, Lightbox walling and Interactive central display. 

WPP Beach at Cannes Lions

Hospitality, Expo, Video showcase and Presentation zones. A multi-functional space to host global creative communications leaders in a welcoming but sophisticated environment. 

Future Fest

FutureFest - a weekend of immersive experiences, compelling performances and radical speakers to excite and challenge perceptions of the future.