Starbucks Leadership Conference

Concept development, design and delivery of a truly immersive experience at scale. 10,000 plus store managers, district managers, and field leadership gathered for 4 days in New Orleans for the Starbucks Leadership Conference. They were welcomed into vast 100,000-square-foot themed galleries, constructed inside the Morial Convention Centre.

Multiple galleries, each housing a 500-seat theatre showcased different themes and key messages: 'Our Coffee', 'Our Customer', 'Our Partner', and 'Our Store' and more.  A collection of 30 plasma screens in each gallery offered a 360-degree viewing experience where custom audio tracks narrated the images on the monitors.  

Designed to generate live participation: a plantation-to-cup tour where attendees could see and touch live coffee plants, sort the beans for roasting, and taste the brew.  Consumer feedback displayed on huge banners. A sound wall of paper cups with built-in speakers held to their ears to hear recorded comments from Starbucks regulars.

The concept delivered huge success and has informed the wider Starbucks b2b and b2c live engagement for successive years.